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Dylan Seeney

      My art journey is an ongoing pursuit of self-discovery, intimately intertwined with nature's influence. Through my creative expression and the beauty of the natural world, I continue to evolve and unravel the threads of my story. Much like the unique rocks and driftwood I collect during my explorations, each experience and encounter in life leaves its mark, shaping my path.

      In my artistic process, I find inspiration in the people and moments that cross my path. Some connections are transient, serving their purpose before fading away, while others become catalysts for profound impact and enduring significance. Embracing this ebb and flow, I take joy in being a special presence in someone else's journey, even if only for a fleeting moment.

      Dylan Seeney Arts was born from my belief that my art and voice are meant to be shared with the world. Through my creations, I aim to forge connections, weave stories, and nurture continuous growth throughout my life's journey. I welcome you to be part of this meaningful voyage, where art and life intertwine to create something beautiful and deeply enriching.




Friends University

Bachelors of Arts

Major in Ceramics

Minor in Photography


Fort Hays State University

Transition to Teaching

Obtained Teaching License

2022 - Current

Fort Hays State University

Masters in Fine Arts

Majoring in Ceramics

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