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Pervade II




In the artistic exploration of "Pervade II," the essence lies in the human figure as a fundamental element for crafting abstract compositions. Embracing dynamic lines and values, this collection harnesses a diverse array of body parts, unbound by scale, to create an evocative tapestry.

Within the artwork, the figures gracefully embrace nudity, transcending temporal confines and venturing into the realm of spirituality. The deliberate placement of a hand upon the main figure's face adds a poignant touch, evoking emotions of distress or anguish, leaving a powerful impact on the viewer's psyche.

The setting is intentionally left open-ended, inviting each beholder to interpret the piece's atmosphere. Nonetheless, a palpable weight and profound ambiance pervade the composition, engaging the audience in a thought-provoking experience. Through this body of work, the boundaries between art and viewer blur, as the human form intertwines with abstraction to create a profound and resonant visual journey.

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